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Farmstays and Fiber Classes

Our farm offers B&B Farmstays year round. Our guests enjoy sleeping in antique four poster beds, breakfasts featuring locally grown foods, quiet country roads, and star lit nights. Through the years, we have met a variety of people. Our farm has hosted people from all walks of life, from famous composers to movie makers, to fashion designers, judges and jazz singers. Every summer, I see different trends in our bed and breakfast visitors. One year, we had a series of mother/daughter or father/daughter guests. All of the daughters were nine years old. Between the months of April and July, we must have had 6 sets of parent/daughter guests, all seeking quiet time together. I wondered if these parents had all read the some article, which suggested taking their growing girls on a farmstay get-away. Another year, we hosted more guests from over-seas than we did American guests. We had guests from Australia, Singapore, England, Switzerland, and France. Americans seemed to be staying home that year, as the economic situation in the US seemed grim.

This summer will be remembered as the year of extended family vacations and private fiber classes. Since the summer season began, nearly two months ago, we have had at least 6 different families stay with us while on their vacation. They enjoy our farm for four days, and all that Vermont has to offer, before heading out to explore other parts of New England. Most of these families simply want to experience farm life, and to eat farm fresh foods.

Working on a Family Mural

Nuno Felting

Many of these families have also requested private fiber arts classes. After meeting our sheep and llamas, they are eager to get into the fiber studio and get their hands on some wool! Families have requested felting, weaving, and natural dye workshops. First, we had the family of six who wanted to make a large felted family mural depicting their journey across the USA.  Then, we had the family who wanted to make felted hats and tote bags. Next, we taught a little girl how to weave on a backstrap loom, while her mom wove a lovely small tapestry. Last week, a fashion designer from New York City spend two days at the farm taking classes. The first day, she participated in a full day, natural 

dye workshop, where we learned how to use locally growing plants as dye material. The second day, we made nuno felted scarves. She brought her young daughter and sister along to join in on the fun! At the end of their farmstay experience, each of these families has had a glimpse at rural Vermont farm life, and the amazing world of fiber arts.

Contact us if you would like to turn your Farmstay at Grand View Farm into a Fiber Retreat!