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Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale!

Today’s Egg Collection

 Pink, blue, green, light brown, and dark brown…

Hens roaming the fields

 These are all the colors you will find in your box of eggs if you buy a dozen from me. With the longer days, all of the hens are laying now and eggs are beginning to pile up around here. I gather 12-14 eggs a day. My refrigerator overflows with boxes of eggs just waiting for someone to knock on the door and ask if we have any eggs for sale. I do not understand why it is that my neighbors only want to buy eggs when we have few eggs. Yet, when there is an abundance of eggs, no one seems to want any!  I need some Bed and Breakfast guests to come so that I can put all these fresh eggs to use! My family is beginning to complain about eating quiche, hard boiled eggs, and egg sandwiches so much.  Today, I began searching online for a good pickled egg recipe. I think I have my son convinced that this may be a delightful way to eat eggs as we found recipes for spicy eggs, jalapeno eggs, and sweet pickled eggs. If you have good recipes that use a ton of eggs, please do share them!

Eggs Galore!