Nap Time

An antique sleeping cot sits on our front porch. Our Bed and Breakfast guests enjoy lazy afternoons, lounging on the cot. They enjoy reading a book and looking out over the mountains, while relaxing on the cot. The cool breeze, warm sun, and birds chirping often lull them to sleep, and I find them sound asleep on the cot, book open across their chests.

Moses and Aaron Nap on the Cot

I think our guests will have a hard time this summer staking their claim to the sleeping cot! It seems that Moses and Aaron have discovered the magic of the cot and its power to soothe the soul and refresh the body. I have caught them twice now enjoying the cot.

Waking up is hard to do! Yawn!
Moses takes a bath after napping…

Aaron takes a bath…


Aaron finds it hard to wake up…
Play time….

Time to hop down and explore!