A Clever Hen

Ever since the weasel attack 2 weeks ago, the hens have decided that it is safer to nest in locations that way up high. They have all spent the past two weeks finding the most unusual spots off the ground to lay their eggs. This one hen eyed the llama hay rack and was determined to use it for her nesting spot. She tried countless times to fly up to the rack, but each time fell back to the ground bringing down hay with her. She then decided to use Daisy’s back as a launching pad. Standing on Daisy, she was able to get just high enough to make her jump successfully. 

Daisy is such a good sport in letting the hen stand on her.

Unfortunately, in all of her efforts to get into the hay rack, she had pulled down most of the hay. Only a small handful remained for her to settle down into to lay her egg. This did not stop her though as she went on to sit all afternoon on that small mound of hay and lay her egg. 

Success at last!

This little hen has now perfected her method of getting into the hay rack. Everyday, I find an egg nestled down in the hay left in the rack. She seems quite pleased with herself thinking what a clever little hen she is. The only difficulty comes when the llamas are trying to eat while she is trying to make her flight. Then, there is much squawking and flapping.

One Response

  1. that is a beautiful post. chickens can really be clever creatures. They are delightful to watch with their antics.

    With many blessings. You have a beautiful farm! 🙂