Seed Packets

Catching Up

Laying the Irrigation

Now that lambing is over, I am trying to play catch-up with other spring chores. I should have planted seeds in the greenhouse about three or four weeks ago. Our greenhouse is warmed strictly by the sun, and usually by mid March, the temperatures inside are plenty warm enough to begin planting. I like to begin by planting lots of lettuce and spinach seeds. This provides our family with early green salads. If I plan well, we can have fresh greens by the end of April or first of May. Though I did not get my seeds in early this year, I did winter over some spinach and so have been harvesting fresh spinach for several weeks now. This weekend, I finally got into the greenhouse to do some cleaning up and planting.

Planting Lettuce

We also have a cold frame inside the greenhouse. This double layer of protection provides the perfect place for me to start our warm weather crops. I will start summer squash, herbs, winter squash, and cucumbers in the cold frame. Once they are a couple inches high, I transplant them either out into the outside garden or to a spot in the greenhouse. I have found that I prefer planting most of my warm weather crops right in the hoop house. They love the intense heat and I do not have to worry about cool weather and rain which so often come in June. 

With the unusually warm temperatures, I also decided to go ahead and plant two of my raised beds outside of the hoop house. I put in peas, chard, spinach, and scallions. The dirt felt quite warm and these seeds should thrive with the cool night temperatures and warm days.