“Charlotte”, bulky weight-mohair/Romney wool

The Sheep Herder’s Hat

Last fall, at the VT Sheep Festival, I came in contact with a knitwear designer who lives in northern Vermont. She and I spent some time in our booth talking about our farm, sheep, wool yarn, and my desire to put unique knitting patterns into my customer’s hands. Becky seemed passionate about her work and about connecting with local fiber sources. By the time she left my booth, I knew a perfect match had been made. Each of Becky’s designs offer something special that sets them apart from other knitting patterns. A few weeks later, I sent a box of yarn to Becky for her to be inspired by. Within just a day or two, she had drafted a couple of ideas for our yarn!
The Sheep Herder’s Hat
Today, Becky released our first pattern!! I am so excited to see this long time vision come to fruition.The Sheep Herder’s Hat features our bulky weight yarn, “Charlotte”, named for one of our first angora goats. The hat can be worn back for a stylish slouchy look, or pulled down over the ears for those cold trips to the barn to feed the sheep. I have dyed the yarn using natural dyes and a non-toxic dye called “Greener Shades”. This hat knits up quickly and easily using a lace pattern. The band is held with a decorative button. 
Buttons by Melissa Jean
A PDF of the pattern may be purchased from Becky here or visit our online shop for a hard copy and to order yarn as well. I buy all of my buttons from Melissa Jean who hand makes lovely buttons in many styles and colors. 
Thank you Becky for sharing your love of knitting, and amazing creative talent with us and our customers! We look forward to new designs this spring!