A Warm Welcome
Several months have passed since hurricane Irene marked her path through the state of Vermont devastating roads and farms along river fronts. Much effort has been put forth to help Vermont farms recover and begin to rebuild their lives. Our farm, fortunately did not see the loss and damage that so many of the valley farms suffered. I have been comforted by the stories I have heard about neighbors helping neighbors to clean up homes and yards, open roadways, feed, and clothe those in need. 
One of my yarn customers who lives in Maryland purchased several skeins of yarn from me about a month ago. Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from her with hats knit from my yarn and a note asking that I get the hats to someone in Vermont who lost theirs in the flood. I contacted my friend Jenn at Fat Rooster Farm because I knew she had been directly in touch with some of the farms who had lost everything on that day in August. She put me in touch with Thymless Herb Farm whose farmland, animals, and home were swept away by the flood waters as Irene passed through. 
I spent a long time on the phone this morning talking with them and hearing story after story about the events of that day and how their pigs swam and survived but their 200 meat birds were lost and their home flooded. They will spend the winter planning and deciding what new direction their farm will take in the spring. They seemed interested in adding wool products and sheep to their farm and we talked about the many possibilities for using wool as a value added product and I invited her to come to our farm where I could show her how to work with their wool and offer ideas for marketing it. In return, she offered me recipe ideas for our invasive knotweed which grows along our fields. 
A package sits upon my dining room table ready to be mailed containing hats from Maryland and a hat that I knit as well. They will be a warm welcome to this family. Thank you Torre for answering my call for hats and for your generosity and concern!! You have directly impacted the lives of this family by providing for them.


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  1. Allison

    What a very lovely story of kindness and generosity, and a great inspiration for the holiday season. It’s heartbreaking but important to hear about the personal impact of a natural disaster like this. Thank you for sharing.