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Apples for Winter!
The best apples are always at the top of the tree

We have been nursing along three apple trees that stand in our sheep pasture. Unlike the many wild apple trees that grow across the Vermont country side, these trees seem to have been purposefully planted by a previous owner. We have kept the trees pruned and fertilized with an organic supplement that we add to the soil. This summer we are reaping the rewards of our efforts. The trees have exploded with apples! Yesterday, we spent the morning gathering apples. The ones which had fallen to the ground went into a bucket to feed to the pigs and the sheep and the ones from the trees went into the basket for making applesauce. The rest of the day, the house smelled of apples as pots bubbled on the stove. There is nothing more tasty than home made applesauce in mid winter!


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  1. AllisonInPhilly

    How wonderful! I’m one of those urban fruit foragers. But one of the trees I was getting ready for just was taken down.