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Ginger and Java
I can testify that this old saying holds true: “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”! A year ago, a mom and her young daughter ventured out of their city home to spend time in Vermont. We had the privilege of  sharing our farm with them for a couple of days. Our two worlds could not be more different. They come from a very urban setting where homes sit close together and yards are either tiny or nonexistent. The number of people living in their city far exceed the entire population of the entire state of Vermont. While in Vermont, they spent much time enjoying the change and exploring.
Introducing…Ginger and Java
This past spring, the mom contacted me about attending our summer farm camp with her daughter. She said that her daughter had fallen in love with Vermont when they were here the previous summer. In July, the two of them joined our summer sheep and wool camp. For an entire week, they became immersed in farm life. The little girl loved the animals but seemed to have a particular love of chickens. Apparently, before arriving at our farm, she and her mom had researched the possibility of starting their own backyard flock in their neighborhood. They had discovered that they could raise a few chickens on their small plot of grass behind their house. 

While here, the mom read every book and magazine I had on raising chickens. I supplied her with poultry catalogs so she could learn and read about all the different breeds of chickens. I also hooked her up with several local farmers who had chicks for sale and she and her daughter visited other farms. The day before they were to leave, they returned to our farm after an afternoon outing. The mom bounded out of the car to tell me that they had just bought two chicks to take home with them! Though her husband did not know about their new pets, she felt certain he would be in full support.We made the chicks comfortable in our barn for the night giving them water, food, and a heat lamp. The little girl had named her chicks,Ginger and Java and the next day, the four of them (mom, daughter, and two chicks) set out for their home in the city.

I have since talked with the mom. She has told me that the neighbors enjoy making visits to their chicks and that they are a hit in the neighborhood. They have also decided to expand their little flock and she has already ordered more. They are awaiting the arrival of their new chicks and a mail-order coop to house them. Soon Ginger and Java will be supplying their little corner of the city with fresh eggs and this little girl will get to have a little piece of country in her urban backyard!