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Summer Farm Camp

A Note of Encouragement

For the past four years, our farm has offered a summer farm camp for moms and children. For one week, our campers immerse themselves into caring for our animals and learning all about the many fiber arts. Creativity and energy fills our camp week. Through teaching, we hope to excite others of all ages about the world of fiber and to help them make a connection between producer and product.

See our article on page 92!

More than two years ago, I sent a query letter to Spin-Off magazine asking to write an article to share our camp experiences with their readers. I hoped in doing so, I would encourage other fellow shepherds and fiber artists to do the same. This past December, I was thrilled when Amy Clarke emailed me to ask if I was still interested in sharing my story. The winter months proved a great opportunity to write and I submitted my article for their approval in early February. We are thrilled to see it published in the summer 2011 edition of Spin-Off magazine!

The other day, I received a response to my article from a woman in CA.

Dear Kim,

I was very enchanted by your article in the most recent Spin-Off.  Makes me want to find an excuse to visit Vermont.

I teach weaving in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Your article got me thinking about starting a kids weaving camp.  There are sewing camps and knitting camps around so why not a weaving camp.  Would you have a curriculum or protocol or even tips you’d be willing to share?  From the magazine photo, the gear looks like a modified backstrap style: cotton rug warp, wooden dowel, heddle, kid, yarn.  I have minimal experience teaching children and would be open to any tips you can provide there as well. (How to get started? Managing frustrations? Should I practice on my friends’ kids first? Have a trained school teacher standing by?)

Thanks for doing such wonderful work in the world.

Best regards,

A. G.

My article has done what I had hoped it would do! I responded to her email giving lots of ideas for things to consider before starting her class and resources to find the materials she needs. Thank you Spin-Off for allowing me to encourage others!!