Piglets at Perry Family Farm
Piglets Abound!
Our good friends and fellow farmers at Perry Family Farm sent us this picture last night! They delivered 20 piglets through the course of the day yesterday. James and Laura Perry have a farm in Central Vermont raising beef, pork, poultry, and lamb. They sell their meats along with home brew, and chutneys at local farm markets and to restaurants. This summer, they will open a three room bed and breakfast offering farm stays to overnight guests! 
We try to get together with the Perrys on a regular basis. Usually our gatherings include a meal, Jame’s latest home brew, a tour of the farm, and long chats about farming and inn keeping. Sometimes they call us over for a taste testing session as they decide which ingredients to use in their newest pesto or chutney. Together we brainstorm, encourage one another, and dream. We cherish friendships like these and look forward to when their bed and breakfast opens so we can plan some specialty Vermont vacations together!

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  1. kristi

    I decided I can’t stand it any more! I took the first steps on getting certified to teach in Vermont. Things won’t happen over night, it might take awhile to get my affairs in order, but my dreams are in motion! Keep inspiring me with your wonderful stories Kim!