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Shearing and Sugaring and Spring

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Shearing and Sugaring and Spring

Sugar Buckets hang on our maple trees

Despite the several feet of snow outside my door, Spring has come to Grand View Farm! Whoever thought that Spring had to be ushered in with daffodils, green grass, and dogwood blossoms on the trees obviously did not grow up in Vermont! We know we have made it through the long winter and Spring is knocking on our door when:

~our days waffle between being snowy and being a glorious 35-40 degrees.

The sheep have been sheare

~the sun has a new strength and warmth to it so that we shed our coats at chore time.
~it is time to call the shearer to clip the wool from the sheep.
~the ewes bellies grow round and large with lambs.
~and sugar buckets hang on maple trees along the roadside and our clothes smell of smoke from boiling sap in the the sugar house all night.

So as you see, our Spring does not look the way most people think that it should but it is Spring to us none the less.