“Love a Local Business”

What began as a home schooling effort to teach our children about sustainable living, the value of hard work, and the joy of keeping animals, now reaches around our own neighborhood as well as the far corners of the globe. Through our Bed & Breakfast, Yarn and Fiber CSA Shares, Agricultural Experience Shares, and summer camps and classes, we have pulled others on board our learning adventure!

Local families as well as individuals beyond our immediate neighborhood have come to our farm to learn about living with sheep, or to gain an appreciation for agriculture, or to embrace a new art form. In the past year, our farm has seen guests, class participants, and customers from as far away as England, France, Switzerland, Germany and Canada. Our guests all have different “agendas” when they arrive, but they all leave the farm with one thing in common-an appreciation for farm life! They have all personally experienced fresh, locally grown food, clean air, dark star-lit nights, and the softness of wool both on the hoof and in the skein. They have held an animal, dug in the dirt, collected eggs, or spun their first yarn, woven their first fabric, or knit their first scarf.

It is my desire to see our farm reach more people through our Bed & Breakfast and farm camps. This year we are hosting our first farm field trip for high school home schoolers from around the United States. They will live on the farm for one week, work along side of us and travel to neighboring farms to lend a hand. They will learn about sustainable farming practices, lambing, making goat cheese, planting in greenhouses, and of course-fiber. Our desire is to continue to expand the teaching opportunities here on our farm and to reach a wider range of people.

We would like to complete a “bunk room” for people coming to the farm to take classes or to learn about farming and animal husbandry. This will involve building dormers, laying a floor, putting in a bathroom, as well as putting up a new roof. We hope to have an opportunity to receive grant money through Inuit’s “Love a Local Business” grant program. Each applicant increases their chances of being selected by gathering support and votes from their “fans”. The more “votes” our farm gets, the greater our chances of being awarded grant money. Wouldn’t you like to vote today for VT Grand View Farm and help us get our project underway? Voting takes only a minute!

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  1. Friends of Narnia

    Hi Kim! I was so glad to see this post . I just told my Mom yesteday that Rebekah and I will be coming to your farm in April, and sent her the farm link so she could see where we were going. I didn’t actually read the recent posts myself until today, but how perfect! We’re so looking forward to it! And I love your lamb coat. 🙂

    Beth Cullum