Getting to Know the Farm
I want to thank each of our share holders who purchased llama/wool yarn CSA shares in the past week. Their over whelming concern for the loss of our Mama Llama and their desire to see us replace her encouraged all of us on Grand View Farm! As my daughter says, “you rock”!

Our share holders together purchased Terra for our farm!! This past Tuesday, Mystic Moon Farm delivered both Alaska and Terra to our farm. We have been keeping them in the barn, taking them for daily walks as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Alaska weighs 400 pounds and seems to tower above me. Her calm and gentle spirit soothes everyone around her. Alaska’s space in the barn is right next to where our two little angora does live. One morning the goats escaped their pen and I found them standing next to Alaska eating from her hay bucket.

The goats didn’t even come up to her knee and looked so tiny next to her massive size. Alaska didn’t seemed concerned at all by their presence and just stood very still next to them. I must say that our Mama Llama would have chased them away from her hay and probably would have spit on them in the process.

Terra is a two year old gelding. His beautiful face and inquisitive look pulls you into the barn. He loves his treks outside though seems very jumpy and nervous. I can tell that it will take him longer to settle in to his new surroundings.

Today almost everything caused him to jump and do a little side step as we walked-the sound of a woodpecker, a car coming down the road, the wind blowing his hair, and the sheep running- all gave him a start. Luke remained calm as he lead him along and encouraged Terra to take it all in as part of getting to know the farm-his new home.


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  1. AllisonInPhilly

    It’s wonderful to see them at home with you! And I’ll be totally psyched for the yarn next summer.