Last Friday, Kate Smith from the Marshfield School of Weaving, came over to help me warp up the barn loom. It has almost been three months since we brought the barn loom home from NY. Kate has worked with antique barn looms for many years. She has become an expert textile artist and uses only antique barn looms in the weaving school. I stood with my camera in hand snapping pictures at every new step in hopes that once she is gone I will remember how to warp the loom by myself. The two of us worked for about four hours until at last the loom was warped. It felt great to finally be able to sit at the loom and weave. As Kate was leaving the studio, she hesitated and said, “somehow, I always feel they are happier once they have been warped.” I had to agree, the room felt cheerier, and the loom looked absolutely beautiful sitting there with a warp on it.


2 Responses

  1. gileadgoats

    I agree, a warped loom is a happy loom. Congratulations on getting weaving on that beautiful loom. I can’t wait to see the lovelies you’ll make 🙂

  2. dawn

    This is awesome. I’m in the middle of a project as a volunteer at a state park with a barn loom that hasn’t been touched in years. I may need to get in touch!