In front of a nearby farm, a hand painted sign reads, “Never Done Farm”. I chuckle every time I drive by thinking that every farm could be named that. It seems that a long chore list remains on our table regardless of the season. Over time, items on the list either get crossed off or get moved to a long term chore list. These chores easily over whelm you. I find that while I work, I must lift my head to see what lies around me, to take in the moment and enjoy it. The other morning, I happened to have my camera in my pocket. Here is what I captured that morning as I went about my chores with my head lifted.

The yarn drying on the railing looked so pretty against the changing autumn trees.

The boys watched every move I made in the field in hopes that I would turn them into a greener pasture.

The colors on the trees caught my eye and Tess, our border collie, and I sat in the field for a few moments ignoring our chores to take in the beauty before us.

As I walked across the road to feed the goats, the sun glittering through the trees seemed to sparkle.

The pigs didn’t even seem to notice me as I sat watching them root around in the dirt.
Now-back to chores!


2 Responses

  1. Diane

    How beautiful! I love New England in the fall and it looks like you’re enjoying it at its peak up there.

  2. Anonymous

    Gorgeous pictures!