It is amazing what you can fit into a mini-van. Our family van has been used for many things over the years. We have hauled hay, straw, bags of grain, lumber, furniture, chickens, children, and luggage, but never sheep.

Yesterday, a woman arrived to our farm from Ohio in her mini-van.

The two back seats had been taken out and large dog crates had been put in so that she could haul two of our lambs back to her farm in Ohio.

. After a good night’s sleep, early this morning, we loaded the lambs into their crates for their long journey to their new home!


3 Responses

  1. gileadgoats

    Love it! I transported sheep in the back of my Subaru Forester, sans crate, earlier this summer. The looks you get on the highway are priceless.

    Hope they make it safe and sound to their new home.

  2. sheeps and me

    You have a fantastic blog site. You find a lot of Shetland blogs but I have only found two Romney web blogs.I raise Lincolns and Romney but I’m selling most of my Lincolns and going more to the Romney. I had someone 8 hours away buy 4 of my BIG Lincoln girls and she had a small older Jeep that they went into. I guess any mode of transportation is good when you are getting sheep that you really want. I have a van that has hauled many a sheep along with other sheep people that have used it for the same thing. I hope she enjoys her new Romney. They really are wonderful little animals.

  3. kristi

    Hi Kim!
    We made it! They only startled one tollbooth attendant in NY when they let out a big “BAA”! Your place is so beautiful! I am so pleased and excited to have them:) Thank you for everything!