It’s Strawberry Season

One of my favorite times of the year is strawberry season which arrives at the end of June in Vermont. The food stores begin displaying berries much earlier in the season from warm climate areas like California, but I patiently walk past all of those berries. I know that their taste will not even compare to the warm berries I will pick right out of the field.

The past few years, we have had my niece and nephew visiting from the south during strawberry season. Taking advantage of the extra hands, we head out to Cedar Circle Farm where they grow several heirloom varieties of berries. With bowls in hand, we set out down the long rows in search of these little red, ripe delicacies. Exclamations are heard as we taste test each one before deciding to fill our bowls to overflowing.
We usually pick for an hour and average between 27 and 30 pounds of berries. The car smells of their sweetness as we head home. This year, we had our fair share of strawberry shortcake and strawberry rhubarb pie. The remainder of the berries went into the freezer to save for a snowy winter day when strawberry season will just be a memory.