BLUE…Indigo Blue!

At least once a summer, I get in the mood for BLUE…Indigo Blue. Dyeing with Indigo is a magical experience which usually brings everyone out of the house to watch and take a turn at dipping something into the vat. One doesn’t need to understand the chemistry involved to enjoy the process and the amazing results. Three of our CSA share holders will soon be receiving their shares of Indigo dyed yarn!

You know the Indigo vat is ready when it turns bluish green in color.

Next, dip your skein into the vat slowly so as to get as little oxygen as possible into the dye.

Gently squeeze the yarn as it comes out of the bucket to be sure the dye has thoroughly penetrated the fiber.

Now the magic begins as the skein goes from green to blue right before your eyes!

Lastly, watch your lawn turn all shades of blue!


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  1. crgoodling

    Beautiful color. Looks like fun