Dyeing to Weave

This week, I began my “Dyeing to Weave” project using grant money from the Vermont Farm Women’s Fund. Throughout the summer, I will be spending time with Kate Smith of Eaton Hill Textile Works. Kate’s job is to help me expand my natural dye color palette by introducing different natural dyes and mordants. Kate will also refine my weaving skills and work with me on product development.

I spent two days with Kate this week exploring some natural dye extracts and mordants which I have not used before. Kate has extensive knowledge in historic natural dyes and was very gracious is sharing her dye studio and knowledge with me. At the end of the two days, I came home with approximately 6 pounds of naturally dyed yarn! For my homework, I will dye some of our yarn to use in our first weaving project.


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  1. Katy Noelle

    I just want to genuinely say that this is soooo cool! Fascinating!