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  1. Katy Noelle

    I don’t know.

    We are about to be in the same quandary. Puppies are due next week, and, oh my goodness, are the chicks coming this week, too? AND we’re hoping to get sheep this summer too. (Waiting to see about estimates on our roof first!) We are going to need some serious help loving all of this cuteness!!! I can see chaos just around the corner. eep!

    I wanted to ask your opinion, please. We are putting in part of our garden this summer. The books list what is poisonous to sheep but they don’t really say what they’re implying. Don’t plant it in the field? (duh!) Don’t plant it just on the other side of the fence? Don’t plant it in your garden, in case they get into it and devour all aforementioned plants that I’ve been dreaming of planting for years, now?! If ragweed is poisonous to them, how do we make sure that there isn’t a little sprout in the field. (We’ve been working on picking the ragweed out of the field for two summers now but it’s, at least 5 – 10 acres of hay.) My husband is the one reading up and in charge of this. He’s been to fairs and farms and asking questions. He even has had experience babysitting a flock, now and again when he was in college. I’m just grappling to get the picture, here.

    It’s spring and lambing and gardens and airing out the house and everything time. I don’t mean to add anything else to your list. Just answer if you have the space to.

    Happy spring to you and congratulations on Ina and her twins!!!

    Love, Katy Noelle (Chester)

  2. gileadgoats

    Man, those Romney lambs are incredibly cute, so fuzzy! Congrats on the newbies. How many more are you expecting?

  3. Bullwinkle

    You are, uhm, diligently watching over the young ‘un, who would wilt and wither and get lost if you lose your concentration. 🙂

    Don’t tear your eyes away even for a minute!

    p.s. Darling photo.

  4. Donna

    Precious, precious, precious lamb…..