Studio Progress

With our studio open house date set for Saturday, July 24, work on the fiber studio and yarn shop has picked up and is beginning take shape. The painstaking task of sheet rocking, taping, and priming is over and we are ready for the finish coat of paint. I have been to our local paint store numerous times over the past week where I have stood in front of the paint sample display for hours. The guys in the store know me now. At my first visit, they began asking me if I needed any help after I had been there for an hour, looking, pulling cards out of the display, and taking them to the window for natural light. After my first visit, they knew to leave me alone and let me do my own thing. As I leave, I assure them that one day I will actually buy some paint.

My sister in California who has designed work spaces at a professional level has been my saving grace. She has consulted with me online, over the phone, and by snail mail. She has helped me with several color schemes and even pointed me in different directions for storage and shelving ideas. She has been my sounding board and has entertained my wild ideas of painting the walls gold without laughing out loud at me. (Thank you sis!!)

At last, final paint choices were made, paint was purchased, and painting begun! The hardware guys were thrilled to actually sell some paint to me. My husband was thrilled to have my decision made, and my sister was thrilled to have been a part of my studio planning. Tonight, we began painting! Our goal for the weekend is to finish all the painting and possibly begin putting up the wood paneling.

We hope you plan to attend our open studio day on Saturday, July 24!!


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  1. Katy Noelle

    It seems like you’ve come a long way from those first carpentry photos we saw. I love the painting stage! (I, also, adore paint chips – strange, I know.) Have fun with your exciting weekend.

    Love, Katy Noelle