November in Vermont

I used to pack up and head to the deep south every November. I would return just after Thanksgiving in time for the first winter snows. It seemed like the logical time to leave Vermont. By November, the beautiful fall foliage had disappeared and the weather had a nip to it that sent chills down my spine. My body had not quite adjusted to the change of season and I was reminded of the cold pockets in the house.

Today, I can’t say that there is any other place I would rather be than right here on our farm this November day. It is funny how our perspective changes. Though the fall foliage has passed, God has painted a gorgeous palate of color right outside my door. This morning, my daughter captured the rich November morning colors across the mountains. The evergreen trees stand out against the gray leafless trees. The lingering green grass is a striking contrast against the golden stalks and remaining leaves and the sky presents varying shades of blue in the bright sunlight.

The air was cool today despite the sun shining. The breeze forced me to put a hat and mittens on though my jacket remained unbuttoned. I found the cool weather invigorating and the sun inviting instead of bitter and depressing. The sheep enjoyed the coolness of the day as well since their coats are long now. This summer they stood out easily in the lush green fields but today you can barely see them against the treeline. Their coats blend in with the woods behind them and the brown leaves on the ground.

This evening, I captured yet a different palate of color on the horizon as the sun sank beneath the distant mountains. Pink, purple, and gold was all that was left of our sunny day as the sun disappeared. So I think I will stay here in Vermont this November and many more to come. I will enjoy the change of colors and the change
of weather and be forever thankful for the beauty of this season!