Time to Settle In

There are times in your life when every day is full and you wonder how you will accomplish all that needs to be done. Your feet hit the floor in the morning running and they don’t stop until long past a normal bedtime hour. The house isn’t as orderly as usual, meals are haphazardly thrown together and sometimes missed and piles of mail and unfinished business fill every empty surface. This fall has been one of those seasons.

The past 6 weeks have been quite busy. It began the weekend we had our goats sheared. I am reminded of this because the bags containing their fleeces still sit in my dining room waiting for me to skirt them and wash them. Our cat Emma doesn’t seem to mind the bags being there. She has found them to be a comfy warm spot for napping. With the start of a new home school year, a senior in the house looking for colleges, soccer and ballet starting back, sheep festivals, and a family wedding, I have had little time for napping or sorting through fleeces.

In all of our busyness, we have been blessed with numerous wonderful B&B Farm stay guests this fall. Each set of visitors was very special and unique in their own way. Their gratitude and enthusiasm was truly appreciated. Each of them went home knowing a little bit more about our farm and Vermont rural living. Many commented on the peacefulness or the fresh air. Others were impressed with the beauty of the mountains. Some of our guests helped with chores before enjoying breakfast by the wood stove and one very special group of ladies filled our house with much laughter.

With no more guests in our books for the near future it is time to settle in to a slower pace and to finally tend to those fleeces.