Shearing Day!
My little goats lost their coats last week. Thankfully it was a warm and sunny day when we had a shearer come to shear the goats. The goats were quite curious about these two people who had come sniffing them as they set up. Fern and her little doeling Charlotte went first. Fern was not very vocal but she certainly was not happy with what was happening to her nice curls. Charlotte on the other hand did not hesitate to let all of us know that she was not happy with losing her curls.

Periwinkle and her doeling Valentine were next in line for shearing. Perwinkle let her shearer know what she thought of him with little nips with her teeth. Valentine called to her mom continuously just making Periwinkle all the more upset. Little curly locks of fiber fell to the shearing floor and I quickly scooped them up before the wind could blow them away.

The goats looked quite silly without their long curls. Once sheared, I found it difficult to tell the babies apart. Their distinct looks are in the way their curls hang down their foreheads and without those, I had a hard time telling who was who. I now have to rely upon their voices as Charlotte is the louder of the two.


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  1. Life With Dogs

    I bet they are not thrilled about the change in weather!

    Hello from Richmond, VT. 🙂