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Sharing Our Passions, Time, and Knowledge

My mother-in-law is such a good sport. Over the years she has watched me take on many new endeavors. Through it all, she has been encouraging and supportive. While visiting her last week, I asked her if she would like to go to an angora goat farm with me. Together, we rode 2+ hours one way towards Philadelphia, PA to visit Pinxterbloom Farm. There we met with John Frett and his 50+ angora goats. John and I spent 2 1/2 hours walking through his fields, visiting with the goats, and talking. As we approached the fence line, John would call his goats by name. His whistle would get them stirring and slowly they would come over to him. As he scratched their chins, he would continue to talk with me answering my many questions.

I had first met John and his wife, Jeanne, at Mannings two years ago. They were there for the Mannings Spinning Festival along with a few of their goats. I had been so impressed with John and so enchanted by his goats that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit his farm. It was obvious from my time there, that John loves his

farm, loves his goats, and loves sharing what he has learned through the years. Pinxterbloom Farm is beautiful! Many thanks to John and all of his goats who gave me a little of their time and much of their knowledge.