All in a Day’s Work

Last Monday evening we got together with good friends who are farming. We shared stories, compared notes, and encouraged one another in our endeavors. “Do you ever ask your self why you are doing all of this James?” I asked.

“Everyday,” he responded.

“Me too,” I said and we both laughed knowing that neither one of us would trade what we do for anything else…at least for now.

In moments like these I find it helpful to reflect upon the activities of the past day, week, or month. I am always amazed at the wide range of activities, challenges, rewards, and problems in any given period of time. I have compiled my list from the past week for me to reflect over.

1. had health inspection from the health department for our B&B rooms

2. took my two neices, one nephew, and one sister to the airport after having them here for one week

3. half day workshop at our farm on doing fecal egg counts (Thank you Chet!)

4. picked up 60 meat bird chicks at the post office

5. took dog to herding lessons

6. tried to figure out why our ewe lamb is lame

7. cleaned and prepared for a B&B guest (Thank you T. and C. for visiting with us!!)

8. filled out and turned in homeschooling paper work to the state for review

9. dyed yarn

10. sold one angora goat

11. had two visitors to the farm

12. dyed more yarn

13. gathered materials for spinning/fiber preparation class

14. prepared handouts for fiber classes

15. final preparations for Sheep Camp

16. purchased supplies for Sheep Camp

17. taught all day fiber class

18. packaged and shipped two yarn orders

19. weeded the garden with the help of the chickens

20. sent out notices about our farm tour

21. printed farm tour brochures

22. moved sheep fencing

23. tried to come up with a weight reduction plan for our sheep who are enjoying the lush summer grass and are gaining far too much weight

24. researched what might be causing our goats to make a clicking noise when they walk

25. all this while trying to maintain some sort of sanity in the household, transporting children to various dance and music lessons, keep food on the table, clothes clean, and house in order!

Now I sit exhausted, listening to the rain (the endless rain), trying to regroup for the next seven days and all that must get done, all that will surprise us, and challenge us while telling myself that it is just all in a days work of being a farmer.