Chicks and Kids

This was the week for new babies on our farm. When I went out to do chores Monday evening, I could tell that Fern appeared to be getting closer to going into labor. I kept an eye on her all evening and finally at 2:30am she delivered a beautiful little doe. We have named her Charlotte. She is very dainty and so sweet just like her mom.

I came back into the house around 4:00am and as I walked through the dining room I heard a loud peeping. A new chick had just hatched in the incubator that has been sitting in our dining room the past three weeks. Other unhatched eggs were peeping as well. I climbed the stairs to go back to bed but found it difficult to sleep. I am not sure if it was the loud peeping from the chicks or the excitement of having a new kid in the barn that kept me awake.