Cats and Fleece
My cats think there is just something irresistible about a dirty, smelly fleece. This week, while skirting and dehairing Mama Llama’s fleece, I had two cats helping. They found much pleasure in rolling in, crawling under, and smelling the fleece.

The fleece is now on its way to the mill to be washed and blended with our wool. I will have roving made so that I can hand spin it. The llama fiber will be blended with lamb’s wool from our ram named Cairo. His fleece is very soft with a fine crimp. I still have a couple of CSA shares of this hand spun yarn available. Visit our online shop to read about and purchase our Yarn CSA Shares.


One Response

  1. Nancy Jane

    Those curious kitties! My cats just love to get into all sorts of yarns and knitting supplies.