Spring Calling

Yesterday we worked outside all day doing various spring chores. The sounds of spring were all around us. The brook is full of water this time of year as the snow has receded and filled its banks. The noise of the water can be heard constantly. The chickens are all out and about making their little clucks and crows. The trees are full of the birds returning to the north for the summer and their chatter seems never ending. The sheep and goats talk back and forth to one another discontent with their hay as they watch the grass begin to grow. Squeals of joy can be heard from the summer home below our farm where local families have discovered the pond for the first time. Spring represents new growth and new life reminding us that we have all survived another long winter.

How different the spring time noises are for families living and working in New York City where my daughter and I visited this week to take in an opera at the MET. The familiar sounds of spring that I am so familiar with were not found there. The constant sounds of traffic, horns, sirens, people shouting, and construction filled the beautiful sunny afternoon. Central Park seemed to be the only place to find the new season amid the bustle of the city. There families could find lush green grass, birds, flowering trees, and the joyous shouts of children who were thrilled to be outside in the sun. There is even an area with various farm animals for families to see and a lovely pond where little toy boats bobbed along. It wasn’t surprising that I found myself drawn to Central Park. Though I loved our stay in the city and was intrigued by all that city life has to offer, I found myself happy to be back home where all I can hear is spring calling.