A Day of Firsts

Well today was the day for Ina to have her lambs! The day began with Ina isolating herself from the rest of the flock. Ina has always wanted to be alone when she labors and we respect her choice of birthing spots. Last year she had her lambs on top of the manure pile in the paddock. This year, she chose the llama shelter. Poor Mama Llama had to spend the day out in the blowing snow.

She gave birth to a big completely black ram lamb around noon. He was strong and sturdy. Her second lamb was another gorgeous black ram lamb. Sadly, he did not live. He was born breech and his cord was cut while his head was still inside. It was so heart wrenching knowing that he had suffocated just moments before birth. Ina cleaned him off and I wrapped him in a towel and just held him. With tears streaming down my face and Ina calling to him, I held him close feeling the warmth of his body against mine. This is the first lamb we have ever lost on our farm. Once Ina seemed to understand that he was not going to live, I took him away.

Then about an hour later Ina began pushing again. I thought that perhaps she was passing her placenta. But out came a perfect little white ewe lamb! This is the first time we have had triplets here on our farm! She was slow to start as it was snowing and windy when she was born. We wrapped her in a wool sweater and held her until she quit shivering. Finally, after about an hour,she was strong enough and warm enough to nurse.

About another hour later, Ina began pushing again. We wondered if she could possibly have four lambs. She pushed out a very large object which I could not identify. It was a little scary as it looked as though she was having a uterine prolapse. I called the vet. From my description he said it sounded like a uterine prolapse as well. He was only 20 min away so he came up to the house .

Much to our surprise, it was not a uterine prolapse. Instead her placenta had stayed in tack collecting blood inside of it. As she expelled it, the placenta had ballooned out looking much like a prolapse. The vet said he had never seen anything like this but he was very relieved that it was not a prolapse.

I am exhausted from a very long and emotional day. Ina and the lambs have been moved to the barn and are resting and doing well. Luke has named the ram Doughnut and Emily named the white ewe Daisy. And I am totally exhausted