Last week’s snow storm left our fence line much too short. I have kept a close eye on the fence line and on the boys for several weeks now! The boys are not allowed in with the girls right now as I have three little ewe lambs that I do not want to be bred. The rams share this fence line with the ewes. In years past we have never had a problem with disappearing fences. It is not that we have never had snow this deep but rather the rams have never ventured over towards the fence. Our sheep do not like walking in the deep snow and the boys have generally only made a path up the middle of their paddock rather than along the fence line. This year, however, they began packing the snow as it fell this fall so that they could peer through the fence at the girls. Of course, the girls taunt them by standing as close to the fence as possible. This morning, Bob, was quite close to coming over the top of the fence. We hastily nailed two boards up to prevent them from standing with their front feet on the fence. Next, we filled their hay feeder to over flowing so that they would have something to preoccupy themselves with until we could get home from church and devise a plan to raise their fence. This seemed to work as when we arrived home, everyone was in their proper places. As we worked on the fence raising it another four feet in height, both Bob and Cairo came and gave one more attempt to find their way in with the girls. And of course, the girls stood taunting them from the other side. We will see what this week brings in terms of snow and keep an eye on those boys!