Fern greeting Anna

Fern and Periwinkle

We are getting to know the different personalities of our 2 angora goats. Fern is the most bold and personable. As you can see, she enjoys getting to know people. She is the first to come to the gate when I enter the barn to see who is there. If there is a noise outside, she is the first to go down their ramp into their outdoor paddock to see what is making the noise. She then stands calling for Periwinkle to join her. Fern is a loyal friend to Periwinkle, sleeping, eating, and standing side by side at all times.


Periwinkle is more shy and reserved. She always lags a few steps behind allowing Fern to investigate first. Interestingly though, Periwinkle seems to be the boss and head goat. I have seen her nudge Fern back to her side of the hay feeder if Fern crosses over to pull a choice piece of hay from Periwinkle’s side. If my children are out sledding with our dog, Periwinkle enjoys watching all that is happening from the safety of the top of the ramp rather than the bottom of the ramp where Fern is positioned. New visitors whom she hasn’t met yet, have to be patient with Periwinkle allowing her time to be sure it is safe before approaching them.


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  1. Nancy Jane

    Fern & Periwinkle look like they’re getting to know everyone at the farm. Both look beautiful in the pictures.