Winter Coats

Winter coats are a must where we live for both 2 and 4 legged folks! The biting cold temperatures make it a necessity to wear a warm coat before going out to do chores or play in the snow. Coats, mittens, neck warmers, hats, and wool socks with boots become the winter attire. Our mud room is over brimming with outer wear hanging on pegs, drying on the mitten rack, or sitting in baskets waiting for the next person to go outside.

But why are those sheep wearing coats? We coat our sheep during the winter months to keep their fleeces clean and free of hay. Our hill side farm is often quite windy and one feeding with hay blowing is all it takes to ruin a nice fleece. The coats are made of a light weight breathable fabric.

This winter I have had a time keeping coats on the girls. They amaze me at how they have managed to wiggle their way out of their coats. I think there must be a little coat fairy out in the paddock helping them to take their coats off. As you see in the picture, Belle, has lost her coat. Tomorrow I will put it back on her.