Welcome Fern & Periwinkle

A fiber farm just doesn’t seem complete without angora goats! Today, two beautiful angora goat does arrived at our farm, Fern and Periwinkle. They were quite timid about coming out of the safety of the truck and into our large old barn. Periwinkle trembled noticeably and seemed quite shy while Fern was much more curious about us and her new surroundings. Both of them were startled by all the noises in and around our barn with sheep baaing, chickens clucking, and Myk, our barn cat meowing. I tried to convince them that they would get used to all the other animals but they were a little unsure of it all.

Fern and Periwinkle came from a wonderful angora goat farm in Vermont where they lived with lots of other goats. It will be an adjustment for them being here at our farm but I am confident they will grow to love it. Each of them have been bred and we are hopeful to have kids in May giving them other goats to tend to and keep them company.

I must thank our Romney/Cormo/Mohair Yarn CSA shareholders who have made this purchase possible! Now we will have our own mohair to blend with our wool. There are still shares available in our online shop for those who would like to support Fern and Periwinkle. http://www.woolhandcrafts.esty.com

Now I must begin reading my new book, Angora Goats the Northern Way by Susan Drummond.


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  1. Nancy Jane

    A “warm” welcome to Fern & Periwinkle! I hope they acclimate to their new home quickly. Happy New Year to everyone at Vermont Grand View Farm.