Today was introduction day for our new goats. Fern and Periwinkle have never met other animals. Their previous
home only had goats so all of our animals are new to them. I thought it was time for them to meet who was making all of the noises on the other side of the barn. As soon as the goats came down their ramp into the outdoor paddock all of the sheep and llama came to the fence to see who it was. The llama was most curious and anxious to meet them nose to nose. The sheep all gathered on the other side of the fence as if to welcome the newcomers.

Fern continues to be the most bold and curious of the two. She does not hesitate to follow me and to see what I am doing or to give kisses. Periwinkle hangs back to be sure all is safe. By the end of the day though Perwinkle seemed much more at home and relaxed.Tomorrow we will have to continue the introductions having them meet the chickens and bunnies.


2 Responses

  1. Kristen

    Congrats on your new fiber friends. Boy are they cute! Hope they settle in nicely and bring you lots of yummy mohair (and kids).

    Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Barbara

    Hey, Fun to see pictures of your new goats! They do not look so much like goats to us, although very sweet looking. Are their temperaments a lot different from your sheep? I would think (and have heard) they would be.

    Good luck with them, Bobbie