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Farm Life Challenges

Life on a farm is always interesting and full of new challenges. When we wake each morning we never know what the day will bring. Over the weekend, we moved all of our portable shelters into their winter locations. We have a small shed which becomes our rams’ quarters and then we have a large 8 ft. x 16 ft. llama shelter for Mama Llama. For the winter months, these shelters are brought in close to the barn and paddock area making chore time easier and keeping all of the animals near one another. This year, we thought we would try a higher, dryer area for the llama shelter. We positioned it on the hill above the barn instead of behind the barn. It seems as though mother nature had other plans for that hill as she and her strong winds tried ever so hard to roll the shelter down the hill in the night. We awoke Sunday morning to find the llama shelter turned upside down! I wonder what I will wake to tomorrow?