The World is Our Classroom

As home schoolers we have learned to be very resourceful, viewing the world as our classroom. This fall we were blessed to find three caterpillars eating our dill. My son brought them into the house and put them in a large jar with all of the dill they could possibly eat and a stick. For three days, they gorged themselves on dill. Each morning, my son would go out into the garden and pick more fresh dill to put into the jar. After three days, the caterpillars began making their chrysalises one by one until all three were tucked carefully inside.

One morning, one of the chrysalis opened and this wonderful Swallowtail butterfly emerged. He stayed in the jar for a day drying his wings. On the second day, using a stick for him to cling to, we took him out of the jar and outside so he could fly away. The next day, another butterfly emerged and he too was released from the jar in our classroom and into the world.