Fedora and Azalea

This past lambing season we had some lambing issues arise in one of our breeding lines. We realized that these girls should not be bred again for their own safety. It was a sad realization because we have a special fondness for these girls, Fedora, Azalea, and Blossom. In early April, after they had lambed, I began diligently looking for new homes for them. Soon after advertising began, a woman contacted me saying that she was selling her flock of Icelandic sheep and she wanted to replace them with a hand spinner’s flock of Romney sheep. After exchanging several emails and sending her wool samples, she decided that Fedora and Azalea would be perfect choices for her new endeavor. Once the girls had weaned their lambs, Fedora and Azalea went to their new home.

Yesterday, we traveled 2 1/2 hours south west of us to visit them at their new home while on the way to pick up new replacement breeding ewe lambs. It seemed odd to see Fedora and Azalea standing in the doorway of their new barn. I wondered if they knew who we were and if they wondered if we were there to take them home again. But we told them that they were home. Their new shepherd said that sometimes they will come out and just stare all around studying their surroundings as if they are confused. We walked from the barn through the field to a stream bed where the remainder of their Icelandic sheep were sleeping in the cool shade. Fedora and Azalea followed along after us.

Before leaving them in the field, we gave them one last hug and chin scratch and reassured them that they are now in good hands. Their new shepherds are very experienced and just seem to love the two of them. They will be having other Romney sheep join them in another week and they will find their way in this new flock that is being established.

Blossom remains in our flock in hopes that a hand spinner will want to buy her. Until then, she will stay with us continuing to provide us with her wonderful wool.


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  1. Cary at Serenity Farms

    Congratulations on finding a new home for your “girls” ~ and hope you find a place for the third one soon!

    I enjoy reading your blog when I can…Cary at Serenity Farms in Michigan