Sheep and Wool Week ~ Part 2~ Moms

While the children worked and played outside the moms and I worked inside or on our covered porch. The moms learned within a week about the many different breeds of sheep and how to get the wool from the sheep to beautifully dyed and hand spun yarn. It was also a time of much fellowship between the three of us with much talking and sharing of our lives as our hands worked.

Within one week’s time we had washed and carded a fleece, dyed wool batts, color blended the wool batts with a drum carder and made drop spindles. We learned to use the picker, hand cards, drum carder, and our drop spindles and spinning wheels. We learned what happens when you swirl your fiber too much in the dye bath and we learned that not all clothes dryers have a “no air” cycle despite what their dial reads. We learned that you can dry wool with a fan in rainy wet weather and we learned to adapt, be flexible and to be patient. Lastly, we learned that lunch is optional but conversation is NOT. By the end of the week, we had bonded through the work of our hands and the wool of our sheep.
We look forward to our future fiber retreats to share the world of fiber while making new friends.