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Rhubarb….Glorious Rhubarb

One of the first fruits of our garden every spring is rhubarb. I remember as a child strongly disliking rhubarb. I couldn’t imagine why people thought it a tasty treat. Now, I long for rhubarb season. What can you do with rhubarb? Well, there is….
rhubarb sauce for pancakes
rhubarb pie
rhubarb muffins and coffee cake
rhubarb maple sweet bread
rhubarb jam (mmmmmmm…)
rhubarb dressing with roasted chicken
rhubarb upside down cake
rhubarb marmalade
rhubarb sherbet (I’ve never tried this but oh the recipe sounds good)
rhubarb crisp
and when you are tired of eating rhubarb you can:
chop it and freeze it for a mid winter rhubarb fix
make a dye bath and dye some yarn or
take one of its large leaves and use it for a HAT!