Mama Llama’s Spa Experience

Today did not start off as a good day for Mama Llama. Today was her shearing day. Mama Llama does not particularly enjoy being sheared. In fact, she becomes quite agitated when being sheared. In the past, she has been so naughty that the shearer has not been able to shear her entire body. This was the year to shear her completely, neck, back, legs and all! It was also the year to have her nails trimmed.

I tried to convince Mama to look at it as a day at the spa. But she wasn’t buying my story. She was first suspicious when we lead her from the pasture with the sheep down to the barn. The barn means something is going to happen. Then when the vet showed up and the shearer, well Mama Llama knew this was no spa she wanted to be a part of. We had scheduled the vet to come so that she could sedate Mama to help her to relax in order to enjoy her spa day with a little less stress.

After several stressful attempts we were able to sedate her enough for the shearer to work with her. Lindsay, our llama shearer is like a llama whisperer. She speaks very soothingly and is so gentle with her. Mama did not complain near as much as she usually does. There was some kicking but overall she endured the experience well. Afterwards, we left her in the barn for a few hours until the medicine had a chance to work through her system. We are all glad that her next appointment at the spa is a year away!

Here she is this afternoon sporting her new hair cut and trim nails.