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Spring Time Chores

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Spring Time Chores

I have realized that some people long for the farm life. In their minds “farm life” represents lazy afternoons under a shade tree, walks down quiet dirt roads, peaceful animals grazing in pastures and plenty of time to contemplate. If they spent one full year with us, I wonder if they would continue to long for “farm life”. “What do you do all day?” a woman asked me at the farmer’s market last week. She was from the city and just couldn’t fathom what a shepherd must do all day long. I explained to her that my activities depend upon the season. It seems that farm chores come in waves. With every change of season there is a host of new and different chores to be done. We are now in the midst of our transition from winter to spring and the “To Do” list is quite long.

It is time to clean out the paddocks, shelters, and barn. Portable shelters need to be taken to their summer locations. Bunnies need to leave their winter quarters in the barn to their summer quarters under the lilac trees. The greenhouse and garden have at least a million things that need to be done from planting greens and digging potato rows to repairing hinges that were torn off in a winter storm. The fence line needs to be repaired and tightened from being buried for many months under mounds of snow. Sap buckets need to be washed and put back in the barn to wait for another sugaring season. Outdoor furniture needs to be brought out of the barn and washed for long summer afternoons of sitting on the porch spinning wool. Preparations need to be made for the 40 new chicks that will be arriving in a week. My spinning wheel must get busy as summer markets are upon us and I need to build up our inventory of yarn and wool products to sell.

Yes, there are times of rest and relaxing under shady trees. There are times for walks up the road and for peaceful afternoons watching the animals graze, but not until the chores are done.