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Spring Time Frolic

The past few weeks we have been able to begin to introduce our sheep to pasture. Sheep can not be switched from one kind of feed to another quickly. They need a slow gradual transition from eating their winter hay to grazing on lush green fields. Everyone enjoys this time of year. The lambs love the freedom from the close confinement of the winter paddock to run and frolic. The older ewes love the lush grass and change in diet. The llama loves the time to get to know each of the new lambs and to run and play with them. She will sniff each one as if to say, “Why hello and who are you?” Then once she has met them all, she begins galloping through the field causing the lambs to run in circles. She will chase them and join them in their frolic. At first I stand and scold Mama Llama for her antics for fear she will step on one of the lambs. Then I realize how careful she is being with them and I let them have their fun. We enjoy this time of year as well as you can see.