New Chicks

There is much peeping coming from the barn these days. We have 50 baby chicks! Every summer we raise our own organic chicken for ourselves as well as a few neighbors and friends. This year we are raising 50 “meat birds”. They will stay in the barn for a couple of weeks. Our nights are still cool and the chicks need the warmth of a heat lamp for a bit longer. Once they have feathers and are bigger, they go out on pasture. Much of their day will be spent pecking for bugs to eat and grass. We supplement with organic grain as well. Putting the birds out on pasture benefits not only the chickens but our pasture as well. The chickens provide wonderful fertilizer improving the quality of the grass available for our sheep to graze. Keeping meat birds out on pasture gives them a healthier environment to live in and gives them the opportunity to have lots of space and fresh air to do all the things that chickens love to do, peck and scratch, peck and scratch.