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Welcome to Living with Gotlands. Share my life at Vermont Grand View Farm with Sweden’s curly sheep and a busy border collie named Kai. Settle in with a cup of tea, and learn about wool crafts, homesteading and raising sheep.

Want more? Come stay in our Farmhouse Suite, and experience life on a sheep farm.

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The Season of Restoration, Reflection & Knitting

Gotlands at VT Grand View Farm

Winter seems to have settled in on our Vermont farm, and it is the season for restoration, reflection, and knitting. After spending 8 months caring for new lambs, teaching fiber art students and serving overnight visitors to the farm,  I  look forward to winter. I love the short days and long nights. It is the time for hot tea, fires in the stove, reading, and knitting needles in hand.

Ema Gotland Ewe

I began this season catching up on the Fringe Hatalong. After knitting my Vermont Cardigan, I had some left over yarn, just enough to knit some hats.  I decided I would start with Laurus as it would give me the opportunity to work with two shades of my Gotland gray. The Gotland yarn has a gentle halo which provides an extra layer of warmth, perfect for a Vermont winter.

Laurus Fringe Hatalong

What’s on your knitting needles?

Greetings to all from Ginny’s Yarn Along! Thank you for stopping by.



Snowy Morning

The Gotland ewes have enjoyed some freedom from the paddock behind the barn. With the mild temperatures and lack of snow, they have been staying up on the hill behind the house. This snowy morning, they woke to a dusting of snow on their backs. The weather forecast was for snow all day, so we brought them down by the barn for breakfast and to give them the option of seeking shelter in our run [read more…]

Felting...Felting...and More Felting

For the past month, my dining room, and living room, and kitchen, and bathroom have been filled with felting projects in various stages. All flat surfaces are covered in wool, yarn, buttons, needles, and silk. I don’t respond to emails, laundry goes undone, I let the answering machine monitor phone calls, I don’t write blog posts, and the dog has spent many a day sleeping at my feet while I felt.

This fall, at the [read more…]

One Last Look at Autumn

When we moved to Vermont years ago, I remember that our first significant snowfall was on October 5. Winter had come early that year, and would linger far into the spring. The next year was the same, bringing early snows and subzero degree weather early in the winter season.

This year, autumn is lingering. The display of beautiful colors and textures has been amazing. Though we had one day of snow a week or [read more…]

Is a Border Collie a Good Fit for Your Family?

Recently, I received a phone call from someone needing some help re-homing their 8 month old border collie. They had purchased the dog thinking it would be a good companion for their son, but have begun to have trouble with the puppy. Now, they wonder if a border collie is a good fit for their family. When I questioned him about his dog, I quickly realized that he was unfamiliar with the breed and their [read more…]

Autumn on our Hillside Farm

Autumn is one of the things my children miss most about our hillside farm. “Take pictures”, my son pleaded the last time I spoke with him from his dorm room in Pennsylvania. So this post is for my college kids, Emily, Anna, and Luke. [read more…]

Shearing Day for the Gotlands

Sheared Gotland ewe

It was the perfect day for shearing. The sky was blue and the sun was warm.

Even Kai enjoyed the day. Our shearer brought her dog Lyle along, and he and Kai played a game of tag around the truck.


Kai and Lyle

Now shiny backs of gray graze in the field.

Gotland sheep come in varying shades of gray from pale silver to dark charcoal black. Curls of gray fall from the clippers. It feels good to scratch after the wool comes off.

Wool Sweater Weather & the Vermont Cardigan

Vermont Cardigan

It’s wool sweater weather in Vermont. Smoke rises from chimney tops. Mist lays in the valleys in the early morning. The dew lies heavy on the grass, and the leaves have burst forth in full color.

I finished knitting the long sleeve version of the Vermont Cardigan, just in time. One test knitter told me that she loved her long sleeve cardigan knit from our Gotland yarn. She said it had become her “go [read more…]

Letting Go

feeding baby birds

In early spring, a robin built her nest in the holly bush right next to my front steps. There she raised two clutches of eggs-six babies in all. I watched as she diligently cared for them. This was a summer of letting go, for mother robin and for me. As a parent, there are multiple times when you have to let go. Some times are easier than others.

Mother robin sits on her eggs.

[read more…]

Sheep Transport from Coast to Coast


It was mid morning at a small town in New York, just over the Vermont border, locals whizzed by on their way to work, grabbing their coffee at the corner shop. We waited in the parking lot for a woman from Oregon named Heather, whom we had never met, driving a truck with a livestock trailer in tow. We, as well as others, had entrusted her with our sheep, to provide safe passage as [read more…]