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Welcome to Living with Gotlands. Share my life at Vermont Grand View Farm with Sweden’s curly sheep and a busy border collie named Kai. Settle in with a cup of tea, and learn about wool crafts, homesteading and raising sheep.

Want more? Come stay in our Farmhouse Suite, and experience life on a sheep farm.

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Felting With Gotland Curls

Merino wool + Gotland curls + Soap & Water = Pillow

Gotland Curls Felted Pillow

Gotland Curls Felted Pillow

This pillow is made by creating a sleeve using a resist during felting. I laid Merino wool on both sides of the resist and then put Gotland curls on top of the wool. I used the deep palm felting tool by Heart Felt Silks to speed the felting process and to maintain the curls. When felted and dry, I inserted a pillow and sewed along the top edge.

Buttons with a Viking Motif

Buttons with a Viking Motif

My little flock of Gotland curl producers seemed to approve of my pillow!

Gotland Curl Producers

Gotland Curl Producers


Gotland curl pillow

Izzy was most curious about my new pillow and came for a closer look.


Gotland Sheep in Vermont

Ok girls…back to grazing.

Joining Nicole at Keep Calm Craft On at Frontier Dreams. Thank you for stopping by.


The Fiber Art Studio & Work of Andrea Noeske-Porada

Andrea Noeske Porada

Through the past 10 years, I have taken felting and fiber art classes from some pretty amazing artists-Robin Russo, Neysa Russo, Jean Gauger, Inge Bauer, Katia Mokeyeva, and Andrea Noeske-Porada. Each of these artists generously opened their studios, knowledge, and lives up to their students. Not only did they share their technical skill, but also that space within themselves that feeds their yearning to create. While in Germany last fall, I took a one day [read more…]

Farm & Fiber Art Retreat

Shibori felting technique

Last week I had the joy of hosting a woman from Canada who wanted a private farm and fiber art retreat. She had been felting for a few months- exploring on her own and discovering the delight in working with wool. She wanted to move her skill to the next level, learning new surface design techniques and the use of resists. Linda traveled a full day to reach our farm to be immersed in sheep, [read more…]

Guard Llamas....My Friend - My Protector

Alaska and Kayla

Alaska, our guardian llama, is really an independent soul. Her motto has always been, “Look-but don’t touch.” She prefers to eat her hay and grass without the sheep underfoot and she prefers to lay down and relax away from the flock. Every year, the lambs have to learn how to live with their giant friend and protector. Alaska lets them know their boundaries with a sweep of her long neck, or a low grumbling followed [read more…]

Three Common Eating Habits Between Children & Sheep

Gotland lamb grazing

Recently, someone sent me an email asking a question about grazing:

Is it true that when sheep graze a field, they bite down to the nub of the forage and leave nothing left of the grazed plants, and that this was part of the reason for the range wars between cattlemen and shepherds between 1870-1920: the cattle had nothing to eat once the sheep had grazed the field.



Sheep share common eating habits [read more…]

Reporters Beware!

Kayla and Kajsa made it very difficult for Tammy to concentrate on her note taking.

Reporters beware! If you come to our farm in the spring, you just may have trouble getting your work done. A couple of weeks ago, a freelance reporter, Tammy Donroe, visited our farm on a fact finding mission. I began by showing her our Farmhouse Suite that we rent to overnight, farmstay guests. She took notes diligently as I told her about all the awesome people that have come to stay with us, the country [read more…]

Vermont Spring-A Season of Contradictions

April snow showers bring May flowers....we hope.

I was born and raised in the south where spring ushered in green grass, flowers, and warm weather. Then, I moved to the north, where my preconceived notions of what each season represented was challenged. Vermont spring is a season of contradictions:

warm temperatures-frigid temperatures delightful blue sky-gray snowy sky beautiful daffodils-sad droopy daffodils green fields-white fields open greenhouse-close greenhouse

This week is full of contradictions.


Bright blue sky and warm weather!


[read more…]

An Interview with Hanna Maciejewska-Knitwear Designer

Vermont by Hanna Maciejewska

Many times I have wished that I was blessed with the ability to design my own knitting patterns. Sometimes, I find it difficult to find just the right pattern for my yarn. Last year, I began searching through patterns on Ravelry for one suitable for my Gotland yarn, and came across Hanna Maciejewska, a knitwear designer in Poland. Hanna incorporates delicate lacework details with simple stockinette stitching. When I contacted her about designing a pattern [read more…]

Everyone Loves New Lambs

Kai and Gotland Lamb

Everyone loves new lambs…even our border collie, Kai! Kai knew there was something new in the barn even before he stepped foot through the doorway. There were a few days during lambing, where I left Kai in the house so that I could tend to new lambs and moms. Kai saw my activity, going to and fro, and he could smell the new life on my coveralls. When at last, he was taken out to [read more…]

Ask the Shepherd - Is Your Grain Well Protected?

The Gotlands opened the first gate.

When we were on Gotland island, one shepherd we visited with, kept saying, “Gotlands are smart sheep.” He told story after story of the many different ways his flock of Gotlands have shown him just how smart they are. In most of his stories, the sheep, and their intelligent inquisitive nature, usually got them in trouble with the shepherd as well as his neighbors. Since owning our own little flock of Gotlands, I can testify [read more…]